Big Eyes and Bullet Trains

26 December
This doll hobby journal has officially been abandoned. I'm now only using my regular livejournal at dellaluna to post in. I don’t post enough to warrant having two journals and I got tired of having to follow two different lists of friends & communities. I also only wanted to pay for the benefits of using one so if you want to know what I'm currently up to you can visit my websites or my dellaluna journal.

* The Rouge Dollhaus is my super dollfie site dedicated to all things made of ball-joints and resin.

* Peppermint Kiss Kiss is the "hub" for all my fashion doll hobby sites that are still under construction.

Wandering Moon Studios is my art & photography site. It contains a lot of my non-doll related art, but it also contains the art dolls & paper dolls I've made.